The following are included in our new policies and procedures:

  • PLEASE stay at home if you are ill, or sick. These precautions are in place for ourselves and others in the salon and hold true beyond the reach of COVID-19. Please keep in mind that we were out of work for nearly 8+ weeks with quarantine, and without income. We cannot afford to get sick, nor can our loved ones.
  • Masks are not required at this time. You may mask; you may ask your stylist to mask; your stylist may ask you to mask. 
  • Please come by yourself.  No signifiant others, no friends, no children without an appointment.​
  • Thank you, and please respect our policy and procedures as we continue forth maintaining the best known precautions that we currently have against the spread of this pandemic as this is law, governed and suggested by the State of Kansas, the Kansas State Board of Cosmetology, and the CDC.

Online booking is currently available for Brooke, Tabitha, and Maddie.

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